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      Oxplo® is a professional wheel loader manufacturer from China, is a high-tech enterprise in China, with a number of intelligent production lines. Over the years, we are committed to the design, manufacture and sale of high quality loader products. We have advanced production equipment and technical teams to ensure superior performance and reliability of our wheel loader products. As an industry and trade integrated enterprise, we not only focus on product quality and performance, but also provide a full range of after-sales service and solutions. We focus on user needs and constantly improve our products to meet the diverse needs of our customers. By continuously improving product quality and innovation, we strive to become the industry's leading wheel loader manufacturer and provide customers with superior loader solutions. We always adhere to the customer-centric principle, in order to meet customer needs as the goal, to create value for customers and establish long-term partnership.

      Oxplo®wheel Loader products are widely used in construction sites, mines, ports, agriculture and logistics industries and other fields. Products adopt advanced technology and innovative design, with strong power, efficient working ability and flexible operation. These features make Luyu Loader products reliable and durable, with excellent load capacity and stability, and can operate efficiently in a variety of demanding working environments. Not only that, our experienced team is able to provide customized solutions and ensure the best performance of the loader in a variety of application scenarios.

      Oxplo® wheel Loader products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions around the world, and has passed ISO9000 international quality system certification, CE certification. Luyu wheel loaders comply with EPA and European V emission standards, and the products are exported to North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa, South America and other regions. With excellent performance and quality service to get many praise.

      Model Machine weight Overall size Engine type Rated bucket capacity
      OX930 3480 kg 5450*1780*2740 mm YUNNEI 490 0.47 m³
      OX932 4930 kg 6100*1850*2800 mm HuaFeng 4102 common rail 0.71 m³
      OX936 3720 kg 5615*1900*2790 mm YN27T 0.45 m³
      OX936A 3720 kg 5615*1900*2790 mm YN27T 0.45 m³
      OX936L 3720 kg 5615*1900*2790 mm YN27T 0.45 m³
      OX938 4080 kg 5550*2010*2890 mm HUAFENG 4105 supercharge 73.6 0.5 m³
      OX938L 4080 kg 5550*2010*2890 mm HUAFENG 4105 supercharge 73.6 0.5 m³
      OX942L 5250 kg 7495*2260*2895 mm HUAFENG 4102 supercharge 73.6 1.55 m³
      OX942 6750 kg 8255*2680*3030 mm YUNNEI 4102 supercharge 80 2.4 m³
      OX946 6188 kg 6415*2230*2950 mm HUAFENG 4102 Supercharged intercooling 85 0.8 m³
      OX952L 6750kg 8255*2280*3030mm YN4108T 2.4 m³
      OX958 8230 kg 7320*2480*3240 mm HUAFENG 6105 Supercharged intercooling 92 0.9 m³

      Download our parameter sheet Wheel loader parameter sheet

      This table is the product parameters of our OX series wheel loaders, the weight of the machine, the size of the machine, the engine type and the rated bucket capacity, which can help you quickly understand the difference between the whole OX series wheel loaders. This information can help you determine the size and suitability of the loader, as well as the space required during operation and storage. The engine model can help you understand the loader's capacity and power when handling and handling materials, which is crucial to determine its range of use and work efficiency. Through this form, you can obtain important information about the loader's performance, capability and scope of use, so as to better understand the characteristics of the loader and judge whether it meets your needs and expectations.

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      Quick-change Device Wheel Loader

      Quick-change Device Wheel Loader

      Oxplo® is a professional construction machinery manufacturer from China, the main products are wheel loaders, we have been committed to innovation and development of various specifications of wheel loaders for many years, continuous investment in research and development, with a creative and experienced technical team, committed to promoting the technical progress and performance improvement of Quick-change Device Wheel Loader. The Oxplo® brand pays attention to market needs and user feedback, constantly improving the design to provide efficient, reliable and advanced wheel loader solutions. You can buy the wheel loader you want here.

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      Rate Load 1.6 Ton Wheel Loader

      Rate Load 1.6 Ton Wheel Loader

      We are a professional wheel loader supplier, is a high-tech enterprise in China, for many years committed to the design and production of a variety of specifications of wheel loader. You can find different specifications of wheel loaders under the Oxplo® brand. Rate Load 1.6 Ton Wheel Loader appearance of the whole machine structure, unique appearance design, body stability. It can meet the needs of customers in multiple scenes such as courtyards, farms, and landscaping.

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      Grain Front End Shovel Loader

      Grain Front End Shovel Loader

      We are a construction machinery manufacturer from China. Our main products are wheel loaders. The Grain Front End Shovel Loader is Oxplo® brand specially designed and developed for loading and handling grain. Our design team follows best practices and industry standards for comprehensive design and development, and during the design phase we carry out rigorous engineering analysis and simulation to ensure the reliability and performance of the product under a variety of conditions. We pay more attention to the ease of use and maintainability of products to improve customer satisfaction.

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      Oxplo® is the professional Wheel Loader manufacturer and supplier in China. Welcome to our factory to wholesale customized Wheel Loader.
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